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John Monkman, Ashworth, and Seb Dhajje pick up remix duties on Vincenzo's "All About You"

Yesterday, deep house wunderkind Vincenzo released his fourth artist album and the first artist LP on Anjunadeep to rave reviews, teaming up with Florian Kruse for the standout track “All About You.” In conjunction with it, Anjunadeep released a trio of remixes, with some label heavyweights picking up remix duties for the track.

The first remix, from John Monkman, most recently known for his “Open Frontier” on Anjunadeep 06, gets the remix going with a slightly more up-tempo beat and a looser percussion. John Monkman sets his remix apart with the use of a fatter, more weighted bass line that anchors the track and allows the vocals to take on a more mysterious quality. 



The next remix, from Ashworth, makes use of an up-tempo beat with a crisp hi-hat to set the tone, while subbing in some string work for the electronic synths of the original. This is the perfect setting for the muted, distorted vocals of the track. This track is definitely meant for the dancefloor and will keep you moving the entire time. You can pick up this track on Beatport today.

Seb Dhajje takes a more ethereal approach with the last remix, allowing heavily reverbed synths to take the forefront of the track. Seb Dhajje strikes gold with the interweaving of the ghostly vocals in and out of the track—it truly is something special and makes this one remix that you cannot miss. 

You can pick up a copy of these fantastic remixes on Beatport today.



vicenzo florian

Vinzenco, Florian Kruse

All About You feat. Lisa Shaw (The Remixes)

  • Anjunadeep
  • 12/1/14


Dance · Deep House


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