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OG Maco brings enough energy to fuel five projects in his debut 'OG Maco' EP

When Waka Flocka Flame first came onto the scene in 2009, his infectious blend of hip hop aesthetic and classic punk rock energy was hard to ignore. If you weren't jumping and moshing to "O Let's Do It", you were probably one of the kids getting pushed to the sideline or eating elbow shots. No one claimed he was the best rapper on the planet, but he had a stage presence that couldn't be ignored and his music just lit a fire in everyone. A few years removed from his major breakthrough, Flockaveli, a new emcee from Atlanta has picked up his mantle and is helping to reinvigorate the entire genre, his name is OG Maco.

"U Guessed It" has become one of the biggest underground smash hits of the year; a mixture of unintelligible yelling followed shortly by whispering, and a heavy dose of boasting, it is an interesting first step into Maco's crazy creative world. However, we are finally treated to the full tour on his eponymous debut EP. Fifteen tracks of head banging madness that feels like each were pumped with twenty cups of coffee worth of caffeine.

What OG Maco lacks in lyrical ability, he makes up in pure passion and diaphragm strength. How he was passed out after recording one-third of this EP escapes me, but it is powerful nonetheless. His verses are simple, usually shorter than the traditional sixteen, and his hooks are normally a phrase repeated once or twice. However, what takes Maco to the next level has to be his adlibs. On all fifteen tracks you can be sure "OGG", "Fuckem", and "WOOAHH" will be screamed roughly twenty times—and it never gets tiring. "FuckEmx3's" chorus is his adlibs shouted over and over, which somehow works in his favor.

OG Maco EP is not for everyone, that is for sure. If you don't like you rap with a helpful serving of screamcore,then you should steer clear. You would be missing out on some ridiculous production though,as well as a great excuse to mosh with your friends. 

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