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K-Theory chronicles a near-death experience on "Way Too Young" [Premiere]

Imagine that you were deathly ill and about to slip into a coma. What would you say before you went under? If you only had a solitary aspect of your life to hold on to, which one would it be? In Dylan Lewman's, from San Francisco based group K-Theory, case, it was unreleased music. To prepare for their version of the "25 Days of Kristmas" -where the group will release one free track per day- K-Theory has released the first "Way Too Young," exclusively on EARMILK. Lewman had plenty to say about his near death experience. 

"I'm way too young to die like this, I've got too much to say.' — Those were the last words that I said to myself before going into nearly a month long medically induced coma in November 2013 after catching a rare bacterial infection called "Leptospirosis" while 50 foot waterfall diving in the Hawaiian jungle on tour. Little did I know that I would almost die four times in that coma and come out having one of the best song writing years of my life (over 1000 this year), but I made a deal with the music and everything seemed to fall into place after that.
My biggest regret of nearly dying was all of my unfinished demos and mass unreleased catalog that we have as K Theory, so I thought what better way than to give out 25 tracks during Christmas month this year to commemorate our work, share the love of free music, and unload some of these gems collecting dust in our hard drives."

"Way Too Young" itself is that electro hip-hop sound that they're known for, with alty rap verses thrown into the mix. It begins with a euphoric synth structure complimented by a broken beat that intros into the mantra, "I'm twenty-two, can't change my future without my permission." The listener hears this track as an anthem and although it isn't heavy-handed there is a definite pulse to the deal that they've made with the music. This one has more of a story behind it than the name would imply on first glance, and it is a composition that came out of the will to live





Way Too Young

  • December 1, 2014



Electro · Exclusive · Rap


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