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Roseville Music Group's artist (Z) releases debut music video and 2 songs in light of solo career launch

"Without dreamers, lovers, and poets, the world would be a sad and mechanical place. 'Hypersensitive' is a song for all the creative people that celebrate the unique light that exists within them." As stated by (Z) when personally asked about the meaning behind the record, the indie dance artist took to the sandy beaches of Joshua Tree, California, to shoot a visual completely emblematic of the feeling of the song.

Off the album All You Need and featuring Sakura, the video was directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh and produced by longtime collaborators Pier Pictures.

Way out in Joshua Tree, on a vision quest with Pier Pictures, during a dance contest with my shadow, I discovered my inner light and let it shine unabashed.

(Z) is fresh into the solo world, previously performing as a member of the group Smokey Robotic and currently also as a vocalist in the NY trio The Dance. Check out his two-track introductory playlist through Roseville Music Group on SoundCloud below.

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