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Smallpools release "Karaoke" [Premiere]

Releasing their self-titled EP last summer to wide success, LA four-piece Smallpools have continued to grow their sound, evident in their new song "Karaoke". While most recognized by their hit single "Dreaming", Smallpools are far from one hit wonders, injecting their energetic and infectious hooks into each and every one of their releases.

Keeping to a slower tempo, "Karaoke" sheds light on the bands calming potential. Filled with the catchy melodies and chorus found in their previous material, "Karaoke" showcases a refined sound where even while everything is toned down it maintains a constant flow of energy. Like a breath of fresh air, Smallpools build on their style with the momentum behind "Karaoke".

Given how far Smallpools have come thus far we can expect more great music from them in the future.

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