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Here's Brodinski's latest visual creation for "Can't Help Myself"

"Can't Help Myself" featuring SD is the first single from Brodinski upcoming album, which is scheduled to be out early 2015.The french producer has teamed up with Megaforce to produce the official video, creating a visual experience that will speak for itself once you see it. The video tells its own story, starting off with an older man standing in a deserted freeway tunnel, as he is consumed by a mysterious liquid bubble and transforms into a younger version of himself. Stylistically the video fits with the track, each sequence guides you through a visual trip as the video utilizes the track sound perfectly. "Can't Help Myself" is only a preview of what we can expect from his forthcoming album, as always Brodinski surprises us with what he is capable of when it comes to his music.

Electro Hop · Music Videos · Techno · Trap


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