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PILLARS' "Attacker" is remixed by Vacant Lake [Premiere]

London-based producer PILLARS is new to the scene with her debut song "Attacker" showcasing a strong minimalistic approach at pop. Built around layering the singer's voice to create various levels that add dimension to her music, it is clear that PILLARS is capable of strong releases in the future. 

In keeping things simplistic, Vacant Lake draws the focus of the remix to manipulated vocals. Picking the original song apart, Vacant Lake pulls out elements to change the emotional feel, creating a dark setting where the vocal samples shine. Guided by a layered soundscape that can almost seem off beat at times, every element works together to create unexpected moments that won't soon be forgotten. As a whole Vacant Lake's remix of "Attacker" succeeds in creating an original and exciting take of a straightforward song.

Be sure to listen to the original version of "Attacker" for a beautifully sung, soft and soothing composition.


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