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Rodg gives us a ghostly remix of Beyoncé's "Haunted"

It is no mistake as to why Beyoncé has had so much success; she has been able to turn out album after album to much acclaim, both critic and casual listener alike, with her self titled album, Beyoncé, released last year being no different with “Haunted” emerging as one of the standout tracks on the release. This week, Rogier de Kreuk aka Rodg of the Netherlands has released a surprising trance remix of “Haunted” that has gained support from Armin van Buuren as the tune of the week for ASOT689.

With its tight percussion and driving trance beat, Rodg sets the tone of “Haunted” right from the beginning. Keeping in line with the original, this remix feels starkly minimal, with soft, almost muted piano chords anchoring the track from below, which, in combination with its trance beat, is the perfect groundwork to overlay Beyoncé’s warped, ghostly vocal effects. This, truly is, a remix you won’t want to miss. You can pick up a free download on Soundcloud.

beyonce haunted


Haunted (Rodg Private Mix)


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