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Chill out with Midnight's Mix of Fairchild's "Stay Young

The clocks have changed, and as dusk falls upon our windows earlier than we would like to get used to, it goes without saying winter is here, whether we like it or not. So with the changing of seasons comes the changing of musical preferences as we turn those towards warmer melodies and deeper singles to get us through the cold times. Summer was all about bright uplifting medlodic sounds. Call it the change of seasons, but I personally am turning towards more indie leaning less upbeat music, and more tunes to put my headphones on, chill out, and get lost in. Today's winter tune comes courtesy of NJ based label Ok!Good Records and their group from down under, Fairchild. 

Hot on the heels of their first US debut with the Sadako EP that dropped just this past Tuesday, the band felt it would be a good time to release some additional music. Lucky for us, the musical treat is packaged in a sweet remix of the heart warming love ballad "Stay Young" reworked by Midnight. With lyrics such as "Times will change and drift by, endless moments that never end" or "And stay young – just stay young," has me drawing up images of Neverland and the eternal hope of truly embracing a 'Forever Young' mentality. To put it simply Carpe Diem and push play below. 




"Stay Young" (Midnight Mix)

  • Ok!Good Records
  • 20-11-2014



Dance · Indie


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