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Tom Misch & Carmody gently uplift spirits with "Paper Planes"

There is no one else in music right now that can hit the sweet spot between electronic and acoustic like Tom Misch does. The multi-talented 19-year-old from London (singer, songwriter, guitarist, violinist, and producer) got the blessing from Majestic Casual almost a year ago, and since then has been delivering the consistent quality and satisfaction of an In N Out burger. It is no surprise that he's garnered a hefty, loyal following, and become a regular star within the blogosphere.

Tom Misch and delightful partner, Carmody, are back with "Paper Planes," off their forthcoming EP together, Out To Sea. Misch, with his jazz/hip-hop influences, and Carmody, with her indie/folk influences, profitably feed off each other, and make magic every damn time. Misch and Carmody would be like a plate of perfectly crisped bacon and sunny side up eggs, arranged in a smiley (clearly, I'm hungrier than I thought). "Paper Planes" is a beautiful, honeyed groove that will remedy any sorrows and worries.

Misch and Carmody's Out To Sea EP is expected to release December 9, 2014 via Beyond The Groove (Misch's own label). Pre-order it here!



Tom Misch & Carmody

"Paper Planes"

  • Beyond The Groove
  • 12/9/14


Acoustic · Electronic · Indie


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