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M!NT and PWEST re-imagine an old tune on "Out The Vault" [Premiere]

Sometimes a producer puts a beat away for awhile, rediscovers it and the end product is even better than it was before. This is the case with "Out The Vault," a new collaboration between Brooklyn based producer M!NT and west coast rapper PWEST, as the original was created almost two years ago. Blunts and bottles are mentioned but it escapes the stereotypical "west coast curse" because it is more alternative than the usual fare.


And part of that could be because M!NT is a multi-instrumentalist as well as melodic, which can be rare in the current industry climate. Another factor here would be that PWEST was recently named one of "10 Best Rappers in the OC" by OC Weekly and the article stated, "It's not hard to imagine Pwest carrying the white-boy rapper schtick beyond color lines, the way Eminem did." But this is pure alt- bassy hip-hop and while there is Orange County, there is also a good dose of Brooklyn... re-imagined. 


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