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Tuxedo want us to just "Do It" [Video]

Tuxedo, an anonymous production and singer combination (although unconfirmed rumors speculate that Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne are the masterminds of the project), released a three-track EP sometime last year. Bringing elements of soul, disco, and funk into their music was by no means an easy task, but Tuxedo stunned listeners with a smooth nostalgic feel that not many could easily master. If the rumors are true, this project saw Hawthorne return to his Stones Throw days, and Jake One take a step into a whole new direction, resulting in a group that might be keeping funk alive stronger than anyone else (except probably Dam Funk).

"Do It," one of the tracks on their release, was the noted hit, and today sees a music video for their song out to the masses. With a cameo from Mayer Hawthorne himself in the video, as well as some cute choreography, the visuals are fun, simple, and a good way to grab quick energy on this Wednesday. 

Check out the video below, check out the EP, and for those waiting for new material, there's buzz about a full-length album coming out in 2015.


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