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Gostan's hit "Klanga" undergoes the Pep & Rash remix treatment [Premiere]

Almost a year ago, French producer Gostan gracefully emerged onto the dance music scene with the upload of “Klanga” to Soundcloud, and with over 580,000 views, it has been very well received. Now, Gostan is ready to release his Klanga EP out this November 28th on Universal Music Germany, which features an excellent rework from budding Dutch producers Pep & Rash.

Right from the beginning, Pep & Rash make it clear that this remix is meant for the dance floor, with its slightly faster beat and pounding bass line. With the elimination of the John F. Kennedy speech sample featured in the original, the track showcases the stunning saxophone riff and synths of the original, while still successfully blending in Pep & Rash’s unique sound, culminating in a full on future-house drop. They have seamlessly transformed this uplifting, cheerful, beachside original into a club ready hit and is sure to have a lot of success as this years comes to a close.

We were able to get ahold of Gostan for a mini interview, so check out the track below and read on to see his answers.


EARMILK: You only have a handful of tracks up on SoundCloud right now. Should we expecting more soon? Can you give any specifics?
Gostan: Sure you can expect more tracks soon! I am always producing new tracks, so I have a bundle of tracks ready. I especially focus on original tracks. The release dates will depend on Klanga’s success. I am hoping to release a new track around February and another one just before summer 2015.
EM:  This sound has captured the industry at the moment. How do you plan to stay current and avoid being just a trend?
G: I try to not follow a trend and just create my own music, what I like, that’s my only rule. I also work a lot to create different tracks from others, to make people discover more and more of my universe. I don’t want to produce several tracks similar to Klanga just to get good feedback; I really want to surprise people. If the tracks are in trend, it’s great, and if they’re not, I can hope they will become the trend... Who knows?  
EM: What goals do you plan to accomplish over the next few years?
G: In the next few years I plan to make an album, full of my original tracks. So I still need to work on new original stuff in my home-studio. In addition, I plan to gig as much as I can and then work on an original live setup performance, by playing live instruments for example. I have so many ideas and projects, it’s just the beginning... One thing is sure, I love music and I want to make it all my life.




Klanga (Pep & Rash Remix)

  • Universal Music Germany
  • 11/28/14
Dance · Exclusive · House


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