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Toyboy & Robin's remix of Oliver Heldens will "Last All Night" [Premiere]

Few producers have contributed to the mainstream rise of deep and tech house as much as Oliver Heldens, and the teenage prodigy provided an even more addicting followup to "Gecko" with "Koala." The ravishing vocals of KStewart have made the newly titled "Last All Night (Koala)" remix fodder for producers, and today we are eager to premiere DJ/producer duo Toyboy & Robin's take on the record. KStewart's vocals are highlighted in euphoric fashion, which will have you making this a go-to feel-good pregame track to make sure your squad lasts all night. Employing deep brass synth patterns that are reminiscent of Ten Walls' hit "Walking With Elephants," Toyboy & Robin's remix establishes a deep groove that can't help but bring you into an uplifting space. With a driving string of hi-hats and infectious vocal loops resonating perfectly with the second chorus, the track stays true to its name and you can easily put this on repeat all night without a burn rate. 


Last All Night (Koala) artwork

Oliver Heldens

"Last All Night (Koala)" (Toyboy & Robin Remix)

  • FFRR
  • 12-Nov-14


Dance · Deep House · House · Tech House


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