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Azekel's "Chronophobia" is hypnotic R&B with substantial sonic scope

East London-based Azekel is a triple threat on his latest single "Chronophobia" (released via Thunderlightning Recordings). Responsible for singing, songwriting, and producing, this heavy-hitter seems to have it all figured out when it comes to the incorporation of jazz elements into hypnotic, bass-graced beats.

Known as the budding moniker of substance and experiment, Azekel has set sights high with his previous summer 2014 releases of both "New Romance" and "Holy Matrimony". Receiving heaps of transnational attention for these efforts, this London native has in turn lived up to any and all expectations with "Chronophobia". 

The R&B pop single, etymologically referencing "the fear of time", is progressive in both its influences and sonic scope. Featuring looming bass, commanding soulful vocals, and humanized click-clack additives, the single endorses Azekel's self-proclaimed phrase: "This isn't your archetypal street sound". 

On that note, it won't surprise you to know that Prince himself has given his 'royal approval' to Azekel's musical doings, and rightly so. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/176386453"]

Electronic · Pop · R&B · Soul


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