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Argy brings us "Closer" to Kele Okereke in new remix [Premiere]

With so many electronic artists having a history speckled with classical musings or flights of punk rock fancy, Kele Okereke's dueling passions as part of the much-loved indie rock band Bloc Party and his solo electronic career seem to have come most naturally to the multi-talented British artist. Trick came as a continuation of his experimentation in this newer world, one that Okereke divulged to The Independent as an exploration of his personal life: "All the songs are conversations between lovers..."  Spanning 10 tracks, the album dropped in mid-October of this year on his own Lilac Records with "First Impressions", "Doubt", and "Closer" being standout works from the release.

Today, the last of these three undergoes a decidedly dance makeover from the German producer Argy. Unlike the original, which thrives off soft breakbeat touches and crisp lyrics, the remix travels into different territory, building off of reverberating vocals and melodies that layer over each other to create a haunting effect that Argy cuts across with clear synth lines. It's a new kind of "Closer", a rendition that fits perfectly for those late nights where a steady bass beat is all that keeps you going.


Kele Okereke

"Closer" (Argy Remix)

  • 2014-10-13


Dance · Deep House · Exclusive


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