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The M Machine continues OWSLA's Boomrat takeover [Exclusive Playlist]

It seems that anything OWSLA touches turns to gold, as the venerated imprint has proven time and again that only the best of the best come under its favored auspices. From established artists, like Jack Beats and Seven Lions, to newcomers Alesia and ETNIK, the label's depth continues to be one if its strongest qualities. On this long roster, The M Machine holds a prominent position as a multi-talented San Francisco trio who prides themselves on a varied sound, crafting dreamy reveries in "Faces" and thrashing remixes, like their rendition of Dog Blood's (Skrillex and Boys Noize) "Middle Finger".


These tracks only scratch the surface of their discography, which has become a classic compendium for lovers of the electro brand and will soon find more company in today's Just Like EP (listen here). Boasting five tracks, two of which, "Just Like" and "Pluck Pluck", have already appeared on their SoundCloud, you can grab the release today via OWSLA. All week the label has been doing a takeover of the music discovery site Boomrat - everything from unreleased track previews to an LA show boasting a secret lineup - and The M Machine adds to that with an exclusive selection of songs to celebrate Just Like. Press play below, read some stream of consciousness directly from the artists themselves, and step inside the sonic world that The M Machine has constructed for you.

 "A Brookyln Aftershow: sets over. did it. oh ya laptop crashed in front of 5000 people. friends didn't even notice. good. into the van and into the tunnel. password to get in? seems cliche. hmmm dia de los muertos theme - shoulda dressed up. actually nah. what is that song. i like that song. got that cold feeling in my stomache. the one that starts to move south. who's playing? chrome sparks ardy.. mental note: steal this music, put it in a playlist. dance floor looks mellow. lets check it out. not mellow. disco ball doin work. this one "likes my energy." she's got two inches on me. tecate lime time. ya shoulda dressed up. time to play music. booth is crowded. jeremy please stop crotch thrusting in my general direction. times up ardy?? cables, cables cables, back to the van..."

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