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Wara From the NBHD goes GTA for this "Raw" video

Wara From the NBHD has gone all GTA this week with the release of a “straight up raw” new video. Inspired by Grand Theft Auto, the visuals for “Raw” were shot in the North Bronx with GrandeMarshall, a Fools Gold artist. Wara believes the production on “Raw” makes you feel like “something sneaky’s going on, some criminal activity”, and it’s hard to argue with him as the menacing high-hat which preludes the creeping beat definitely sets an ominous tone.

The “Raw” visuals play as a lead-in for the next video in Wara’s latest creative storyboard as a video for “Slangin’” is set to move the story forward by showing us what happens the following day after the Atlanta-based rapper/producer breaks into that BMW. While sleekly shot, the imagery isn’t the only strong storytelling device in “Raw”, as Wara executes another “off the richter” performance and he’s “only gonna get sicker” so keep it locked with EARMILK for more from the NBHD.


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