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Bufi is fire on the dance floor with his remix of Paradisko and Final DJs' "Astropine" [Premiere]

Self-proclaimed chewing gum enthusiast, pineapple and pizza lover, Turkish disco house duo Paradisko is back for their second EP, Astropine, teaming up with German based Final DJs to create an almost techy disco tune “Astropine.” Picking up remix duties on this wonderful track is Mexican based Bufi, coming off of a few very successful remixes and Salvaje EP. 

Bufi sets the tone for his remix by opening with a soft yet crisp percussion, while still putting together a solid, driving beat. While the original showcases a harder, almost biting synth work, Bufi chose, instead, to present softer and less edgy synths, giving the track an ethereal feel. Once the vocal chops drop in, it is clear that this remix is worthy of praise in its own right.

This all combines to a techno-ish, club ready hit, perfect for any dance floor. You can get a copy of this EP when it drops November 24th via On The Fruit Music. This is one EP and remix that should not be missed.


Paradisko, Final DJS

Astropine (Bufi Remix)

  • On The Fruit Music
  • 11/24/14
Dance · Exclusive · Tech House · Techno


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