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LCAW adds his touch to ZHU's "Paradise Awaits" [Download]

ZHU's recent Nightday is one of the best recent releases in the house music world.  Besides the hit song "Faded," "Paradise Awaits" is a highlight of the EP, as ZHU's agile vocals do gymnastics over the deep house groove.  It's the kind of song that's begging to be remixed, and German producer Leon Weber, a.k.a. LCAW, has proven to be up to the challenge.

LCAW isn't just a nobody hopping on another artist's success; the 19 year-old won Musikexpress' "Best Upcoming DJ" Award this year, and has recently delivered killer remixes of MansionairLondon Grammar, and Andreas Moe.  Here he expertly reworks ZHU's track to make it, amazingly, even more danceable.   Don't sleep on this kid, and if you happen to live in Europe, check out the dates below.

LCAW Dates:

07.11 – Berlin: Rosis
15.11 – Bonn: Tante Rike
20.11 – Augsburg: Kongresshalle
05.12 – Mannheim: Das Zimmer
06.12 – Dorfen: Eiskeller
13.12 – St. Gallen: Kugl
27.12 – Freiburg: Klangraum




"Paradise Awaits" (LCAW remix) [Download]


    Dance · Deep House · House


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