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Rich Gang come through with that crazy unique "Flava" [Video]

If you haven't downloaded Rich Gang's incredible mixtape, Tha Tour pt.1, you should be questioning where you are in life and where you actually want to go. There is probably no young hip hop artist more exciting than Young Thug; the only person who could possibly test his hook creation ability is Rich Homie Quan. So, when these two come together magic happens. Add to that one of the biggest and most successful rap moguls is grooming their careers and helping to develop their sound—can only result in the creation of great music. Unsurprisingly, that was what happened on their debut RIch Gang project. 

Their latest single happens to be one of the strongest tracks on Tha Tour pt.1 and definitely one of their best collaborations so far. "Flava" has everything that fans have come to love about the two: an addictive hook featuring their signature sing-rap style, clever punch lines delivered with enough enthusiasm to make listeners feel like they are rap styles, and bragging to ignorant levels. It's pure flames; so much so that even Birdman comes through with one of his strongest verses in years.   

However, the video falls short of the epic, youthful energy that makes the song so great. Instead, we are treated to another Cash Money stylized run-of-the-mill set of visuals. While the Sin City theme is well implemented, with the reds popping out of the screen, you already know what to expect: gorgeous women doing nothing but being gorgeous, impractical jewelry, high fashion, and a plethora of product place for products Birdman is attempting to hustle us into buying (is GTV good?).

The song is strong enough to keep you watching for the six minute run time though, and seeing Young Thug perform is always a treat. RIch Gang have too high of ceiling to ignore any of their moves; so definitely check out "Flava" at least once and pick up the mixtape if you haven't already.   

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