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Sandy Rivera unveils crisp new video for the Blackwiz dub of "Bang!" [Premiere]

You might have heard of the dance classic "Finally" from Kings of Tomorrow. Remixed everyone from Kaskade to Avicii back in the day, the track celebrates the fourteenth anniversary of its release this year. The man behind Kings of Tomorrow, New York's Sandy Rivera, has returned under his own name with long time collaborator and friend April Morgan on a classic house track entitled "Bang!" Even better, he's dusted off his Kings of Tomorrow and Blackwiz identities to remix the track in both voices as well, creating quite the experience of an EP.

Today we've got an exclusive first look at the video for the Blackwiz dub of "Bang!" While many videos take the club or tour recap video and make it seem rushed or a last minute resort for lack of content to use, this video actually has some production quality to it. The way it's finished gives it a special moodiness that you don't get with videos like this - check it out below.

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