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Mayer Hawthorne's disco version of "The Stars are Ours" is amazing [Premiere]

Mayer Hawthorne is the vastly underrated singer and musician that's been blowing my mind with his vocals, style, and overall talent, since he was still working with Stones Throw Records. Since then, Hawthorne has become a major label-signed singer that's crooned on every stage. He's the thinking man's Michael Buble, but much more funkier and infinitely much cooler and edgy. 

 Today we're excited to premiere a disco version of "The Stars are Ours," and like everything he touches, it's pretty damn fantastic. Taking a Motown/Detroit influence into the mix, the disco track is smooth and classy, just like the mad singing the track. "The Stars are Ours" is fresh and great for both a casual day at work, or if you're looking to unwind after a long day of work. 

 Check out the song below, and make sure to download his album, Where Does This Door Go, via iTunes



Dance · Disco · Soul


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