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Kiki Rowe gives a great first impression with her debut mini-album [Premiere]

I've always been one to try and find fresh new artists but I've never facilitated quite a debut like this. Today I have yet another Toronto-based R&B newcomer by the name of Kiki Rowe. She's new to the game, but has put the hours in to make a stunning first impression with her debut self titled project.

Besides vocalizing with great power, Kiki is also an accomplished pianist. It seems that all of that practice and patience can pay off when breaking onto the scene. Her new "mini-album" packs DJ Mustard, Maino, and Ivan Barias, adding a ton of diversity to the track list. I respect the ability to build up enough connection and support before even going public, as it shows her talent as an artist are the reasons we should be listening. Any fans of Frank Ocean should be enthralled by this release. It's R&B to the core, with the type of modern ambience that's infectious nowadays.

Kiki had this to say about her first release:

"The past year of my life has been completely dedicated to making this album.  It's the first complete body of work I've ever released, so it’s exciting and nerve-racking all in one. I self-titled the album because that was my way of introducing myself to the world."

Catch the EARMILK exclusive debut premiere below:


Kiki Rowe

Kiki Rowe

'Kiki Rowe' Mini-Album

  • October 28


Ambient · Exclusive · Hip-Hop · R&B


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