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Franky Rizardo returns with 'Troubleman' EP

Dutch producer Franky Rizardo's work could be described with a phrase that many in the dance music industry can learn from: quality over quantity. His knows how to create techy house music with an authenticity that strikes a simple chord with die-hard, old school dance fans, leading him to connect with a label that has the same traits: Defected Records. His latest EP, Troubleman, is due out on the imprint on November 3rd, and features two tracks that could make this his best work yet. "Heater" is some dark, late night bass accented by cosmopolitan drums, but the impressiveness of "Troubleman" makes it easy to understand why it landed as the EP's title. With a soulful, almost Motown-esque vocal, Rizardo has created a groovy track where the quality of each element of the song is so important, that it just has to remain as-is; no element on its own would be as powerful as they are together with the magic he's done in production. Check both tracks out below.

Dance · House


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