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Belanger revisits a "Love Is A Battlefield" the 80's classic from Pat Benatar

I recall spending hours upon hours with Miss Pat Benatar's music when I was growing up. But I think she may have been a staple in most radio friendly households during her reign. She was a pop-staple for the youth of the 80's. And who could forget her classic song "Love Is A Battlefield"? New York based producer Belanger sure didn't. And he's made sure that we all get a chance to hear "Love Is A Battlefield" with more modernized productions that can be appreciated in today's musical climate.

Belanger's remix has re-imaged the song as a dance friendly house track that highlights some of Benatar's more beguiling vocal moments. Whether you're in need of revisiting an 80's classic or you just need a new dance track to add to your playlist, look no further. Listen to the remix below and beware of the need for spandex and big hair after listening.


Pat Benatar

"Love Is A Battlefield" (Belanger Remix)


80's · Dance · Deep House · House


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