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Flow-Fi collective's 'Bitch, Please [20K compilation] is an immaculate body of futuristic music

What you are about to hear is next level music.

Let me preface this with a warning: You may experience a frenzy of emotional and mental states, from animalistic rage to overwhelming euphoria to dazing melancholia to indecent sensuality. Recommended dosage is to consume at high volume on quality listening devices, without distractions, for the first time; then continue to consume on a regular basis as a means of enhancing daily life. Be cautious for the “drop” when driving a motor vehicle. Alcohol and herbal substances may increase side effects. Suggested use in the company of homies.

The must-know label/collective right now is Flow-Fi, reaching from around the world with a roster of futuristic producers that do not cease to impress. In celebration of reaching 20K followers on Soundcloud, they surprised us with their first compilation titled, Bitch, Please, cheekily signifying that: Flow-Fi is just getting started.

For the grand opener, we have Fortune with “Unity,” a sax-laden tune, featuring his signature zipping synths, supplemented by just the right amount of bass kicks. Aywy and EphRem come at us with an unforeseen vengeance in “Adderall,” inserting snippets of Danny Brown’s screwball hollering in between striking us with formidable blows. Then, you’ll just lose it when you get a load of the eerily piercing, twisted synths in Sh?m’s “Resurgence.” He’ll restore your sanity in the second half of the track, rolling in sweet waves of synth.

As for Maximus MMC’s track “Okami,” guest-starring Andrea, it’s as if you’re venturing on some desolate journey in the fantasy realm of Japanese anime. Geotheory swings in with “Intimus,” continuing the mental trip, since listening to his music always makes me feel like I’m melodically traveling through a wormhole. The smooth Chris McClenney puts forth a groovy little number, “Tonight (Youngblood),” reminding us that he is the master of composing the consummate blend of classic and modern vibes.

Kuma revamps Chris Brown in his “Fine China (Remix)” and creates such a foolproof jam that you’ll have the urge to climb on top of the table and dance without a care in the world. When you get to Rvdical the Kid’s trip-hoppy track “Everything,” well, basically your jaw will drop and you will be left speechless. The compilation ends with a bonus track, “Gaia,” from Diversa, who’s become the newest member of the Flow-Fi family.

Mind-blown? “Bitch, please.” 

Download the whole compilation here, and stay in tuned for more greatness from them.

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'Bitch, Please [20K Compilation]'



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