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Waters run deep in Kodacrome's new video for "Buggy Bumper" [Premiere]

Ryan Casey and Elissa LeCoque are known for their abstract electroclash sounds that emit through their duo Kodacrome. This past July, they released their sophomore EP, Aftermaths, which featured an incestuous array of diverse sounds and styles. Following the release of the music video for “Immaculada” off the Aftermaths EP; which was a colorful, creative and hand-drawn music video, comes the second music video for the sultry single “Buggy Bumper.”

The video plays with fragmented footage that has a sort of a kaleidoscopic distortion to it that will leave you feel captivate and disoriented. Dark red hues rush over the screen as Elissa runs her hands through a dark thick liquid that one can’t help but perceive as blood. LeCoque comments, “From a lyrical perspective, “Buggy Bumper” asks listeners how far they will go and what they will endure to stick to their guns, and I think all of the almost uncomfortable and sticky moments in this video test this idea of a personal threshold.”

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