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Vaski adds visual context to bass-y release "Weightless"

Vaski is a 24-year-old producer from Minneapolis, with a taste for bass. His Weightless EP seems ironically named, considering said bass. Maybe the gravitational pull of the bass is supposed to be a juxtaposition to the emotion it’s meant to evoke, or I could be over-analyzing? In the case of “Weightless” alone, the basic melody and repeating vocal stutters make this the more laid-back song of the bunch.

A new light is shed in the video though, and adds a certain context to this song. Starting with an obviously villainous father, the viewer is already set up with a scenario. Continuing on, their argument leads to the tumultuous fate of mashed potatoes, resulting in the son running away from home with this track as his theme song. Listening to this on it’s own feels very numbing, not in the boring sense, the calming one. The video is simply a different adventure, one that’s set up for you instead of inferred. In all, this is an interesting release, and definitely one to check out if you need some moody ambiance with a slight upbeat element.

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