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Space Jesus goes post-apocalyptic in "Infinite Extravagance" [Video Premiere]

New visual collaboration “Infinite Extravagance” by Brooklyn based producer Space Jesus and director and cinematographer Matthew Larsen of Knowledge Knights plays like a post-apocalyptic Internet fueled nightmare and we love it. Multi-media and interactive designer Kenneth Gug is featured as the protagonist in the project and came up with many of the concepts. This isn’t their first collaboration as their brazen weirdo visuals for “The Weed” premiered on Thump earlier this year but this one takes it to an infinitely darker and more psychological place. Space Jesus wrote the track to go with the video itself, which was his first foray into this type of creative production. When this is done, the visuals will ultimately be more powerful.

space jesus new image-2

The initial liquid drop drips into the super slowed down, distorted beat and echoes through the mind with vocal sample “I’m an Instagram celebrity, Instagram celebrity, probably rich, probably rich.” A tall, beautiful blonde who is the physical epitome of Internet “celeb status” slinks deliberately down a golden treadmill with a red carpet towards a man on in a suit sitting on a throne. With spinning hundred dollar bills, fencers, burning US Weekly’s, this one is out and downright creepy. He spins a knife and squeezes a disembodied human heart as the blood drips down. In the relationship between man and fame nothing is sacred, as sinister as her smeared, bleeding lipstick.

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