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Join JAWZ "After Dark" [Download]

Hebinomichi, meaning serpents paths, a determination of an unstoppable force hunting through the wilderness seeking blood. On a lighter note, the duo of artists StéLouse from Denver and ahh-ooh hailing from Detroit named their newly formed collective/label after this bold phrase for the soul intention of showing the music world there is no stopping them. The newly formed group is focused on bringing together the two driving factors behind digital music, sound & the arts. With these two the listener takes a journey on a sensual experience into some of the most forward thinking future sounds in bass music. The group is set to release a handful of mixes this month with the help of an extremely special artist, Alfred English. English has done some outstanding work for the likes of Mad Decent as of late and is almost hotter than Hansel at the moment. Combining his one of kind vision into the arts with some of the producers these two have under their belt, I think we can expect some exciting projects flowing out of Hebinomichi.

Only the second release ever from the freshman label we look to Sydney and the land down under for the incredible sound production of JAWZ. His single "After Dark" is just incredible and for me could not have gone any better with this name, like a silent shark through the water this track takes you deep into the blue with seemingly no end. Piano and snare take us into the dark, ripples of bass shoot down from above and JAWZ delivers an alluring drop. The heart and soul that carry our beast through the deep are an array of synths that are beginning to become a staple from Aussie producers. In our middle section things begin to calm and a little trap work reminds the deep that JAWZ is still out hunting, still looking for pray, still claiming the deep. In the end maybe there is an end to the world, as a hole into space appears, leaving JAWZ to fall into a euphoric waterfall at the end of this journey, leaving the deep blue and entering a galactic slumber for the end of this musical composition.     

Relating back to the other half of Hebinomichi's vision this project needed to have an accompanied art work piece to help JAWZ curate a perfect release. Alfred English took inspiration from the real spacey vibes and created art that was something from the cosmos, starting with a simple Google image Alex transformed this picture into a self representation of the darkness of the beast curated from JAWZ. In retrospect both sides of the project "After Dark" came together perfect and I will have this playing long into the darkness of night.     

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"After Dark"

  • Hebinomichi
  • October 15th


Bass · Future Beat · Trap


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