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Tourist rewards fans' "Wait" with new, original single

Tourist is back from somewhat of a hiatus, and is rewarding his fans for their waiting. Last year, the Brit producer and Disclosure pal took the music blogosphere by storm with his remix of Chvrches' "Lies" and his biggest original single yet, "I Can't Keep Up," a collaboration with UK crooner Will Heard (aka the next Sam Smith).  After a wait of six months or so, Tourist is back with another melancholy, electronic slow-burner.

The sound of "Wait" is all in the title.  The song starts soft, with a light ticking backed by haunting vocal samples.  Synths slowly creep in as the vocal samples become more clear.  A number of percussion instruments join, turning the track into a feast for the ears.  The sentiment is decidedly down though, demonstrating Tourist's ability to use electronics to resonate emotions.  This holds true even when everything picks up in the song's final two minutes.  A beat drops around 3:40 and noise swarms the ear, as bass picks up and heavy synth phrases load in.  The finale winds everything down, backing the still spooky samples with piano.

Tourist will be joining the Annie Mac Presents… tour in the UK this fall.  We can only hope that the tour (and the Tourist) make their way to the U.S. late this year or early next.



Electronic · Experimental · Garage


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