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SMOG Records releases 'Battle Royale Vol.1' compilation that will blow your face off

For those of you that miss Wobble Wednesday, I'll be the first to tell you that I'm with you on those feels. I miss hunting for new, borderline face-melting dubstep. Unfortunately, there just isn't that much left in the world (save for Figure's latest volume of Monsters). Luckily for us, record labels like Firepower and SMOG are still going strong with tunes that fit the bill.

Late last month, SMOG released their first producer vs. producer compilation featuring a set of ten collaboration tunes between artists on or related to the label. From Getter & 12th Planet to Megalodon & Supreme, the album has a style that sets it apart from standard wobble-based tunes. Though the sounds within the compilation get a tad repetitive, it remains refreshing in the wake of a genre falsely considered lost. Take a listen below, and get down and dirty with some classic American dubstep.

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