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Clark's "Unfurla" is a brainy techno banger

Christopher Clark has been releasing music as Clark for over a decade, primarily for UK electronic powerhouse Warp.  However, he's never been in the spotlight like some of his superstar labelmates; his extensive and impressive discography is more of an acquired taste left to completists and well, nerds.  In all honesty I'm just starting to scratch the surface myself.  And while it's often a good idea to first get acquainted with an artist's early material, Clark's latest track, "Unfurla" is a perfect introduction.

"Unfurla" is the lead track from Clark's forthcoming eponymous album, expected November 3rd.  An excellent slice of techno, "Unfurla" is cerebral yet very dance-friendly.  Unfurl it does indeed, as classic piano sounds bleed into a punch-packing 4/4 assault.  Much of Clark's previous music isn't so immediately satisfying, maybe Clark will be the album that reintroduces this ambitious talent to the world.





  • Warp
  • 'Clark' out 11/3


Electronic · Techno


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