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A$AP Rocky is back and his trillness is about to "Multiply" [Video]

Lord Jodye Flacko II, better known by the name of A$AP Rocky, is back with new material and this time around Flacko is holding nothing back on his new track "Multiply". On "Multiply," the Lord of Trill holds nothing back as he targets brands that he once promoted, specifically Been Trill and Hood By Air. On the track Rocky asserts his prowess as a rapper and as a fashion aficionado as he raps, "I'm the motherf*kin' lord of this fashion sh*t/Don't I deserve to brag a bit?/Set the blueprint, f*ck your two cents/Number one stunner ask Tumblr if I'm accurate," a stanza which alludes to his initial success and virality through the social media site Tumblr as well as his fashionability as an individual as evident by his recent cover in Vogue. Clearly the Harlem rapper has come a long way since his Tumblr days as evident by "Multiply," but Rocky is still true to his roots as the visuals in the video show him coolin' with his homies in Harlem and being as Mayers would put it "jiggy". 

The "Multiply" video is best summed up as a revamped version of Rocky's breakout "Peso" video. Rocky is still giving daps to his homies and sharing the spotlight with the rest of the A$AP Mob. After all, camaraderie is what makes the A$AP Mob so special and why so many people gravitate to the brand because, sadly in the world today, camaraderie is a hard trait to come by. Watch A$AP Rocky's new video below and be on the lookout for more Rocky in the near future as Flacko Jodye season has just begun.


A$AP Rocky

"Multiply" [Video]

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  • 2014-10-03


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