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Brace yourselves for CHAMP's newest EP 'This Isn't Real' [Premiere]

CHAMP is the garage punk outfit headed by Joel Williams, who is most known for being half of the Sweet Valley and the brother of Nathan Williams (the brainchild behind Wavves). Their latest release is a three track EP titled This Isn't real that is being released via TAR Records,  the indie imprint founded by Brainfeeder producer and DJ PBDY. 

This is the band's second EP on TAR records following the release of their largely slept-on debut LP that was released early this year. Although the band has a similar sound to other local garage rock bands that have gained popularity due to the rise of the Burger Record scenesuch as FIDLAR and Wavves, CHAMP does away with the drunken beach vibes and instead hones in on a much gloomier and experimental form of punk. 

The first track "Angry" is probably the most straight-forward cut on the EP, which makes perfect sense for the opener as it is also the most frantic. It captures the listeners attention within the first 40 seconds with it's beckoning chorus and chilling outro section.

The second track "This Isn't Real," is a classic punk slow ballad with a slick bass line at it's core. Joel's introspective lyrics echo throughout with bits of distorted noise coming into the mix for added effect. This is definitely a track to put on during a solitary late night drive on the coast.

So far all of the song titles have perfectly captured the mood of the tracks, and this is most evident in the final track titled "Gloomy," which is the most ominous of the three and is my personal favorite. The song's chorus, "My heads a haunted house/ I sold my soul and bought an ounce," will be stuck in your head for many days to come.

The project can be streamed and downloaded here. Be sure to come back to EARMILK for all of your music needs!



This Isn't Real EP

  • TAR Records
  • 9/30/2014


Exclusive · Indie · Post-Punk · Psych-rock · Punk


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