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Prepare your trap saddle for Royal's "Cowboy Bebop" [Premiere]

Well, here's a twist to your Monday morning. I've brought you DC native Imad-Roy El-Amine AKA Royal on numerous occasions, but today I have a trap original with enough pizazz to light up the New York Metropolitan. He calls it "Cowboy Bebop", and it's unlike anything I've shared with you before.

Sure, down to the core this is a trap anthem with epic proportions. However, Royal has been one to reside on the chill trap side, and this one is far from any of those. We enter "Cowboy Bebop" (which I could tell gathered its name from the ominous intro. The track leads with half of the arrangement building up over an unpredictable amount of time, and then releases its fury with a killer synth and wonderful snares. This track is a sort of pinnacle for just how pliable you can be with trap. You're not lead on too much, and yet when everything is revealed you feel as if it takes over your ability to comprehend what you're experiencing. So smooth and still extremely aggressive for an up and coming producer like Royal. Bravo.

"Sometimes you gotta get the trap out of your system lol" - Royal

"Cowboy Bebop" is an exclusive EARMILK premiere, out today. And just for kicks, check out one of my Royal favorites here.

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"Cowboy Bebop"

  • September 29


Ambient · Dance · Exclusive · Feature · Trap


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