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Avenue does a synth heavy remix of Olympic Ayres's "Say My Name" [Premiere]

Olympic Ayers is quickly becoming one of my favorite new bands on the scene. Hailing from Australia, the band ranks among some amazing nu-disco and indie dance acts like Miami Horror, Bag Raiders, and Panama. Their debut Leisureplex EP is out now and it’s filled with sun-kissed melodies and glittery disco. Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet, the entire EP is streaming on Olympic Ayers’s SoundCloud.

In addition to the fun original mixes on the Leisureplex EP, the tracks have spawned some amazing remixes including this new remix of “Say My Name” from Canadian producer Avenue. This is the ultimate disco mix—it’s heavy on the keyboards with lots of boogie and the most committed hand claps. He sort of takes away some of the DFA vibes and drenches everything with Avenue's signature cosmic synths. If you are digging this premiere, check out everything that Avenue has to offer on SoundCloud



Olympic Ayres

Leisureplex EP

  • September 16, 2014
Dance · Feature · Indie · Nu-disco


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