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The Write Brothers 'Take Flight' with multi-faceted debut album

Vintage instrumentals, samples, and meaningful lyrics comprise most of our favorite hip-hop tunes. MF Doom, A Tribe Called Quest, and Talib Kweli are just a few examples. While they've been slow to release new tunes (with the exception of the upcoming NehruvianDOOM album), newcomers to the scene are following in their footsteps to keep things interesting. Take the Write Brothers, for example. Filled with homemade melodic beats from Dante Davinci and soulful Epicurean lyrics from Learic, their debut album, Take Flight, delivers everything their single release of "Extraordinary I" promised a few months ago.

Though Davinci and Learic live at opposite ends of the country, they recorded the album together in Burlington, Vermont at Upsetta Studios (founded by Davinci). No easy feat to accomplish. While some artists just pick a name because it sounds cool, the concept for Take Flight saw many influences before coming to tangible fruition. A few singles, a slogan, and a historical lesson in practical adventurism lead us to believe the album took more to create than just developed talent and a keen sense of words.

With Davinci as the album's captain, Learic as your guide, and appearances from Annie Costa, Caroline Rose, and Jer Coons, the 7-track album is well-rounded, informative, and poignant on common issues in the hip-hop and global communities. Take a listen below, and cop Take Flight now, available free on their SoundCloud.

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