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Seyr explores the "Night" in last track from 'Nights Without' [Premiere]

As far as new goes, Seyr hasn't even been around the block, having just started a year ago in the waining months of 2013.  But, however young the British duo may be, they have a practiced sound that imparts mellow moods and soothing sounds to any situation. On October 6th they will be releasing Nights WIthout, a 3-track EP that features "Tainted", "RHB", and the final song from the release, "NIght". The ambient adventure begins with soulful humming from a far-off voice that soon coalesces with downtempo beats and impromptu melodies to form an unexpected whole. Whether you get lost in airy vocals or arrhythmic drum work, Seyr proves they're a force to be reckoned with, so keep on the lookout for Nights Without and more from these new kids on the block.







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