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The Dance captures all that unfolds in a night of celebration with "Cheers"

The Dance is a new act among the music community, yet familiar and already established by name and prior accomplishments. The NYC-based trio is comprised of (Z) and Father Dude, both of whom have been collaborating and harmonizing side-by-side as songwriters and performers for some time now with success in their prior group (a group that also included the third a final member of The Dance - GRAMMY-nominated producer !llmind).

"Cheers" is a catchy tune with a message that, although it's been sung about since the beginning of popular music as we know it, seems to forever resonate with each and every listener. From a production standpoint one could argue !llmind uses the other side of his brain to create these bodies of work, as the pop elements are more pronounced than in most of his other well-known records.

Directed by Pier Pictures, "Cheers" serves as the first single off their upcoming EP Welcome To The Dance (a project to be released on !llmind's new label entity Roseville Music Group).

Dance · Nu-disco


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