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Cubicolor's new EP 'Got This Feeling' is deeply fantastic

The Anjunadeep label has their finger firmly planted on the pulse of deep house music, and all other variations of deep music in general. I feel like I can appreciate nearly all of the music released with them. I'm not into it every time, but I can depend on them to collaborate with great artists to make more-than-worthy dance music. But the latest EP to come from their corner is from Dutch producer Cubicolor in the form of Got This Feeling and I couldn't be any happier with the project.

The three tracks dive into the deep house realm but the songs maintain a whimsical feel, and there's the occasional techno influences that pop up, and you can't help but be pleasantly surprised. Between Anjunadeep and Cubicolor's SoundCloud accounts, the two have been teasing us with previews and little snippets of these tracks over the past month, so I was more than ready to hear it in its entirety. The EP dropped yesterday and I've played it so much that I think I still hear it when the music has stopped.

The title track "Got This Feeling" and second track "Still Linger In My Dreams" will whisk you immediately into a better mood. Whether you take to the dance floor with these effervescent deep house tracks or kick back and bask in the vibrations, these two are thoroughly addicting and need to be listened to in their entirety. But don't forget the last track, "A New High". In this third track, Cubicolor changes gears and blends in a bit of techno influences to wrap up the EP with a bit of a darker energy that you'll want to hear late night on the dance floor. Give the EP a spin below, but make sure you are prepared to experience the music, you won't want to miss this.




Dance · Deep House · House · Techno


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  • @Anjunadeep @Cubicolormusic One of my favourite from Anjunadeep 6

    madsubstance September 25, 2014 3:19 AM Reply

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