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Alfred English releases a magical new tune "Can This B Tru" [Premiere]

So, Alfred English. What a classy name, right? Despite the fact that his name sounds incredibly pompous, this track is quite the contrary and absolutely approachable. His imperiously endowed name is almost as classy as this slow-jam chiller he's just released called "Can This B Tru". If I were to describe this track in three words, I wouldn't be doing it justice. It's truly unlike anything we've ever heard before, a mixture of retro-reminiscent vocals and #BOOM BAP (verbatim). Scattered with sensual nuances, and smooth, slow beats, this track is an absolute delight. The crooning voice has a wonderfully lulling effect, that makes everything melt into perfect, buttery bliss.

Be sure to follow this sharp chap for more eclectic and charismatic tunes, as he's one to keep in your experimental collection. (Totally kidding about your name, it's super rad).


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