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Russian producer Nuage brings emotion and beauty in "Waterfalls" [Premiere]

 It's not everyday we get to stumble onto some truly amazing, stunning work, and at first, Russian artist Nuage seemed too good to be true. His latest release, Prints of You, is an eclectic mix of ambience, emotion, with bits and pieces of dance and electronic that combines into what his name perfectly encompasses. 

Nuage is French for cloud, and his music is floaty and clouded, but with a sharp focus that makes it abundantly clear that Nuage came up with this project because he was a man with a plan. 

Today we are lucky enough to premiere one of his tracks off of Prints of You, titled "Waterfall." The track brilliantly brings everything to the table and drops down, exactly like a waterfall would. Dramatic and full of life, it's easy to imagine the water pouring down through Nuage's brilliant production. 

We asked the producer himself what went on in creating the track and this is from the man himself- 

In this track, I sampled a bit of ethnic instruments, choirs, along with vocal sample called «believe» and waving Bass, it gives freshness and energy of the track, it reminds me pictures of water flow, which falls down with the noise, it gives strength, and getting awake, like in the album, this song sounds like a tonic for the ears.

 Tonic for the ears is the utterly perfect description, and we couldn't have said it any better. 

Stream the track below, and purchase via Bandcamp below! 



Chillstep · Electronic


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