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Emerging songstress Espa unveils mesmerising GIF video for Apartment 2F

“How can we make a few still images interesting to watch?” this was the challenge for Haus Pictures when they were briefed on Espa's idea for a video for her song "Apartment 2F". In much the same line as a lyric video which is becoming all the more common, Espa has released a visual accompaniment to her track, taken from the forthcoming EP, 150th and Broadway.

With Espa's face painted as the universe, rotating and changing accompanied by the haunting track, the GIF video is minimal yet mesmerizing – 3.13 of fantastic weirdness.

Inspired by a book of Rankin portraits, Espa aimed to use “the wildest parts of [her] imagination to create a fantasy world” whilst keeping the track based in reality, with it's meaning intact. Espa cites Bjork as a strong influence, and it's clear to see and whilst the visual stands out as an interesting concept, it doesn't overpower the track, merely reinforcing it's hypnotising effect.



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