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The FutureFM launches 'Weekend Boogie' with Episode 001 with Cash Cash [Premiere]

With the recent empowerment (and acquisition) of streaming platforms like Soundcloud, the market for these types of services has nowhere to go but up. Artists like Klingande, The Chainsmokers and BANKS have seen their viral success through these media land them record deals, with their audiences coming along with them for the ride. Among these is a site we've partnered with before, The Future.FM, and its name indicates the endless opportunities that streaming services can give artists and their fans. Different than Soundcloud in its focus on mixes and live sets, we are proud to partner with TheFuture.FM on its launch of a weekly curated mix entitled Weekend Boogie. Episode 001 is from Cash Cash, one of our favorite production trios in the dance music game. With track information readily accessible, the mix features an hour of music ready to fit many of your weekend needs. Ahead of the release of Cash Cash's next single "Surrender" next week, it's a perfect way to start the party. Check it out below.

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