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Solis, Sean Truby & Audrey Gallagher's collab is more than just "Skin Deep"

Earlier this summer saw the reemergence of one of the most impactful, sharp voices in dance music with the return of Audrey Gallagher. This week she appeared again, this time with famed British trance team Solis & Sean Truby. Out on Infrasonic Recordings, "Skin Deep" combines hearty electro leads with Gallagher's powerful vocal, all against a backdrop of glittering, spittering synths that are surprising in their execution. Check it out below.
ights, while Solis and Truby's soaring production gives new meaning to the word "uplifting."



"Skin Deep"

Solis, Sean Truby, Audrey Gallagher

  • Infrasonic Recordings
  • INFRA148


Dance · Trance


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