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Richard Durand & Fisher entrance with "In Your Hands"

This summer, Amsterdam based Richard Durand has been exceedingly active, first releasing his latest edition of his compilation mix, “In Search Of Sunrise: Dubai” and then dropping “Blast” in July. Now, he has decided to round out the summer by pairing up with the acclaimed American vocalist Fisher and delivering the massive trance anthem, “In Your Hands.”

The track sets the mood early with some driving trance beats and tireless, crisp percussion. With Kelly Fisher’s first verse, the track builds intensity as her smoky vocals seem to just barely float over the steamrolling beats and distortedly alluring sub-riffs. Fisher’s voice is perfection, captivating the listener and bringing forth the optimism that permeates her lyrics, culminating in a downright euphoric and uplifting chorus, sure to tug at the heart strings of any trance fan. Richard Durand’s compelling energy has the potential to light up the dance floor with this astonishing trance anthem, out now on Magik Muzik



In Your Hands

Richard Durand & Fisher

In Your Hands

  • Magik Muzik
  • 9/8/14


Dance · Trance


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