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backstroke. remixes Avec Sans' "All Of Time" [Premiere]

Synth pop duo Avec Sans have had their fair share of credibility over the past 18 months. Beginning with an acclaimed cover of Bon Iver's "Perth", the Londoners have released a wholesome array of remixes and original music along the way. Building off of each release, their catalog of music showcases that they have been growing with every step of the way.

backstroke. has become known for his remix abilities, taking from on a wide range of popularized source material. Based out of Virginia/DC backstroke. churns all of the music that he lays his hands on into uplifting and grooving dance-inspired anthems. This carries through to his remix of Avec Sans' "All Of Time".

Restructuring the background of the song, backstroke. lays sequenced vocals over the soundscape to accentuate the lyrics, adding a grooving momentum to the mix. Layers of uplifting effect-filled synths make up the middle ground where a shuffling drum beat keeps the pace while the strong vocals carry the forefront. In all, backstroke.'s remix of "All Of Time" stands tall on its own two feet as a great alternative to the original.

Be sure to check out the original version of Avec Sans' "All Of Time" to hear the song in its more mellow form. 

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