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Israel's BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL remix Beni's "Protect" with comforting deep vibes [PREMIERE]

Israel is known for more than just being a hub for religious expression and seemingly endless controversy. More successful artists and technology have surfaced from within her 8,019mi² in the past few decades than most other countries in her age and class [1]. The music, the heart, the soul of a country practically the size of New Jersey prove that all it takes is a dedicated crew of people to change the world. On a smaller scale, we have individual and group-based musicians who are changing the sonic world from Earth's Culture Headquarters. Meet BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL.

Sourced from Amsterdam & Tel Aviv, these two girls are pulling more dopeness than a drug habit in the film industry. Loaded with a combination of UK house structures, tech basslines, and a love for Chicago house, BGWG are likely to prove the continuing theory that musical styles are not bound to race, creed, or religion, let alone country of origin. Their latest remix of Beni's "Protect" surely provides enough evidence for this claim, as it packs a wallop big enough for labels like ToolroomDirtybird, and Perfect Driver.

Take a listen below and love with us. 

Dance · Deep House · House · Tech House


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